August's Theme: Sky & Water

January 9 - Kisses

Quick question: Does everyone need me to keep the Linkys open a little bit longer? I will open them all back up until tomorrow night if anyone wants to get caught up and I will start leaving them open for two days.


  1. Val- This is my favorite so far, what a great moment to capture! Good lighting.

  2. Mine too, what an adorable picture!

  3. Thank you. Tonya, great write up with this photo and the others. Did you try the group shot in BW? Seems like it would have looked like a print shot. There is so much going on in the frame. I love what you captured throughout your shots.

    Petra, I was just looking through your collection so far and you have amazing focus in each shot. I love the depth of this one. You really get a sense of being warm inside and seeing the cold that is blowing about outside. Nice faring with those beautiful windows.

    Day 10 tomorrow. Woo hoo!

  4. BTW, all of the Linkys are open until the 13th now if you want to fill in any gaps. XO

  5. Thanks, Val. It is a fun challenge this black and white and I must admit it truly does feel like a challenge some days ;).


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