August's Theme: Sky & Water

January 31- with love from my Boo

Tomorrow starts the new theme! If you have a theme you would like to explore during the upcoming months, please let me know. These are not set in stone and we are all in this together!!

January 21- fake sleeping

This is actually a shot I took on Wednesday, but I like it not because of composition, lighting or focus, but because Lil Miss was being quite the actress.


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January 18 - Snow Day

January 13 - Out to Pasture, Out to Sea

I love this valley that looks out to False Bay, over the straits and out to the Olympic Peninsula. This is a view from a friend's deck. Can you even imagine waking to this every morning? Listening to the cows and sheep? Slice of magic.

January 12 - Learning and Deleting

First, I have to say THANK YOU very much for all of the wonderful feedback. Today was not my day. Twice I thought I had decent shots and then when I took them back to my computer, they were deeply flawed. The first, I attempted to fix. The left side and the sky are so over exposed. They more I tried to fix it, the worse it got. So here it is...raw and troubled...and crooked, no cropping could help it. Bah. I ended up deleting my other shots. Grrrr.
I did save this one, only for comedic relief. My daughter keeps putting her toy pig in her kitchen oven and I just happened to catch a reflection of the toy barn in the oven window. Poor piggy is longing to be in the barn.
Part of the struggle that I am having is with when I have to shoot, which tends to be mid-day and the light isn't great. I have an idea for tomorrow, we will see how it works out.

Thank you for being patient with me!

January 11 - Zoom

There is probably too much going on in this picture and may have been a better choice to keep in color against the gray and blue sky. I liked the perspective and action, but I think the background is just too busy. Hmph. Back to the basics. Any ideas on how I could have changed the angle or achieved a similar shot more successfully?

January 10 - Unlikely Companions

I wish the focus was a lot better and that the cheetah's tail wasn't cut off. However, I do like the lighting on Owl and the penguin. I could have "set it up" better, but I wanted to leave it as I found it and my "photo session" was cut short by a teething one year old. Perhaps I will have another photoshoot with these guys and their friends.

January 9 - Kisses

Quick question: Does everyone need me to keep the Linkys open a little bit longer? I will open them all back up until tomorrow night if anyone wants to get caught up and I will start leaving them open for two days.

January 7 - As Good As It Gets

I just had to mention that I went into today with three different ideas of what to shoot and none of them came to fruition due to schedules, lighting and tired children. Then, as I was driving home, the sky was gray and there was only a little pinhole of light where the sun would be on a normal day. These are the original colors, I only used a sharpening tool in Photo+.

January 4 - Seeking Sunshine

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January 1 - American Camp

I am starting with clouds and scenery today. A favorite place and familiarity seem like a safe start. What did today bring for you? What will tomorrow bring?
Shot with iPhone and edited with Camera+

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