August's Theme: Sky & Water

January 30 - little monkey

Get ready for a new theme!


  1. What a gorgeous monkey you have! Love him.

  2. Very cute picture, I frankly wish I still had little kids, as some of the themes will be much easier then. I can't see myself take 31 pictures of footprints for one. Anyway, cute model :).

    The bamboo picture has nice lines.

  3. Hope you guys are enjoying that sunshine! And can't wait to see lots of pics :)
    I love bread....
    And great bamboo pic. Have to say I've been noticing trees more lately and they really can tell a story.

    So nice to get on here and see everyone's posts. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Petra- I agree! I am open to theme suggestions!! Check out Shutter Sisters for ideas and bring one you like to the group.

    Kristina- I have been locking in on plants as well with this BW challenge! This medium lends itself to finding patterns and where better to find those than in plants?

    Melissa, I get that. XO

  5. Oops accidentally posted the bread basket again, I clicked on the wrong link and put in the wrong link. sorry.


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