August's Theme: Sky & Water

January 7 - As Good As It Gets

I just had to mention that I went into today with three different ideas of what to shoot and none of them came to fruition due to schedules, lighting and tired children. Then, as I was driving home, the sky was gray and there was only a little pinhole of light where the sun would be on a normal day. These are the original colors, I only used a sharpening tool in Photo+.


  1. So you didn't shoot this in black and white, Val? Wow!

  2. I remember those days, Val. Interesting picture nonetheless.
    Tonya, what a great and spontaneous shot!
    Interesting vantage point with the feet.

  3. Makes me miss the island Val....such a beautiful place.

    Petra- I'm looking at my keyboard now and it's looking very similar :) I would never think to look that closely.

    What a wonderful 'foot' shot

  4. Melissa- love the toy shot. I will have to send you a couple I took the other day. They are far from perfect, but they are funny. Perhaps I will post them. Love the focus you achieved.

    I know that keyboard. My teaching keyboard was like that.

    JaL- fun perspective. As great as the shot is, it is fun to think about the position you had to be in to take it. ;)


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