August's Theme: Sky & Water

January 12 - Learning and Deleting

First, I have to say THANK YOU very much for all of the wonderful feedback. Today was not my day. Twice I thought I had decent shots and then when I took them back to my computer, they were deeply flawed. The first, I attempted to fix. The left side and the sky are so over exposed. They more I tried to fix it, the worse it got. So here it is...raw and troubled...and crooked, no cropping could help it. Bah. I ended up deleting my other shots. Grrrr.
I did save this one, only for comedic relief. My daughter keeps putting her toy pig in her kitchen oven and I just happened to catch a reflection of the toy barn in the oven window. Poor piggy is longing to be in the barn.
Part of the struggle that I am having is with when I have to shoot, which tends to be mid-day and the light isn't great. I have an idea for tomorrow, we will see how it works out.

Thank you for being patient with me!


  1. Goodness, you are too hard on yourself, Val! I love the light coming through those wonderful floor to ceiling windows! The pig is hilarious! Kids do funny things, don't they?

    I know my photos are flawed. I just keep taking them, doing my best to make some adjustments on Picnik between kids asking me questions, pulling at my arms, etc.

    Anyway, I cheated today - this isn't black and white, but I liked the bluish look of the snow when I edited it in Picnik!

  2. I also often think I have a great shot only to pull it on on the computer screen and see that it is blurry or something...

  3. I don't think your photo is as bad as you think - apart from the glare in the centre window, it's very good - I like it:) Plus, for me, I care more about how a photo makes me feel, rather than if it meets a list of technical criteria.
    It's good:)

  4. Caterpillar shot is so great - love close-ups. I wonder what it looks like in color!

  5. Love the snow shot. Peaceful and serene.
    The caterpillar is great! Post in color for us? Leaves me with such a sense of wonder.
    Oh dear sweet maiden of Starbucks. You are my goddess on all days off island. Warmth.
    Kristina- the smudge in the middle of the window is where moisture is trapped in our window. Imperfect windows create imperfect shots. LOL a month after we had it replaced, my husband caught it with a rock that spun off the weedwhacker. I had a hard time with the excessive brightness in the bottom right hand corner. So much light. I am not used to that! ;)

  6. Unfortunately I'm having computer troubles and now a very slow netbook. Just posting the picture of my two youngest who will have to miss each other again tomorrow.

  7. *raising my fist at technology* your kids look so sweet Petra. It must be tough when they have to head off in separate directions.


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