August's Theme: Sky & Water

January 6 - Big Kid, Big Pool


  1. Oh, I feel cold just looking at the pool. Val, is that you swimming with him?

  2. It is an indoor pool and incredibly warm. That is the Lil Man with his fabulous swim teacher. Love her.

    Your photo makes me smile. I {love} kitchen helpers.

  3. Just look at that wee face peeking through the crib bars!

    Melissa, that shot fit perfectly with your blog post - the paperwork looks daunting!

    Petra, I always feel badly for little flowers and buds that seem to peek out at the wrong time!

  4. JaL- Welcome!
    Petra- we have 4" tall daffodils right now. Such a waste of their energy!
    Melissa- ok, this shot is ready for iStockphoto!

  5. Val- so funny to see this pic, we start 'tot' lessons tomorrow! What is iStockphoto?

    Makes me smile that sometimes nature wishes it were a bit warmer too!

    Tonya- I can't wait for little helpers in my house, so nice to capture on camera.

    Beautiful baby!


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