August's Theme: Sky & Water

January 2 - Calling the Woodpeckers

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  1. Interesting picture, Val. It tells a story. I didn't know you could call a woodpecker like that.

  2. I love black and white shots that show something in nature up close - it emphasises the patterns in the tree's bark - love it!

  3. Tonya - You can feel the chill in your picture!
    Petra - I like the detail on the chain. It creates a feeling of connectivity to me.
    Kristina - What beautiful lighting. I am going back and forth about tomorrow's photo, but I had your lighting on my brain all day. Wonderful angle.

  4. Val- I love the detail of the tree and his hand. Did you crop this, or is this how it was taken? I tried to imagine just the tree/hand....but you get an entirely different story seeing the part of N's face looking out beyond the tree. GREAT.
    Tonya- yes I can feel the chill of the frost on the branches, really beautiful.
    I'm trying to think of tomorrows picture as well....

  5. I had no idea that you could call woodpeckers that way, either! I love the abstract photo, Petra. It's so interesting seeing something you pass by every day from a different angle.

  6. I saw David Attenborough do this trick in a birding video once. It did bring some a little closer. If you copy their drumming pattern, they get curious (and probably a little pissy too).


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