August's Theme: Sky & Water

January 14 - Sister Act


  1. That's got to be taken in one of my favorite places - the library! How fun!

  2. What a cute picture!

    Tonya, I just looked at the pictures on your blog and the last one is like a postcard!

    I'm early today, because we're going out tonight. My laptop was broken and had to have the fan replaced. I thought it had an interesting shape for a b&w picture.

  3. The computer parts photo is very interesting, Petra. I do like it in black and white. I hope your computer is working again soon!

    I do see the angel, Katie! Isn't that funny?

  4. You all are just blowing me away and motivating me all the same.
    Tonya, That snow scene just makes me feel at peace, and a little chilly.
    Petra, only you could make computer innards look artistic. Love the lines and curves.
    Katie, Angel Kitty. I really appreciated your POV in everyday things. Your artistic background and brain lead you to amazing shots everyday!


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