August's Theme: Sky & Water

February 27 - attempts

I know this won't last. As a matter of fact, "This won't last" was the first thing that popped out of my 4 year old's mouth when he saw it. I have to try though and make an attempt at the way I would like it to look, even if it is only temporary.

So...are we all on board for our next theme to be "Letters"? It can be open to your own interpretation. I am all ears.

February 21 - sick soup

The kids and I were sick today and yesterday and at this rate probably tomorrow. To be quite honest, this soup was my comfort today, so I had to take a shot.

February 16 - do not eat the baby

We were eating dinner and I caught this funny angle, so during dessert we played with it. The lighting is horrible and I took it with my iPhone, so I couldn't adjust the settings. Oh well. It was fun to play with the concept!

February 15 - coming home

We are so glad to be home, but as we were approaching the dock, my eldest asked, "So when are we going back to Maui." a wonderful time was had by us all, but nothing compares to when the sun greets you at home.

Taken with iPhone. Sun brightness adjusted in Snapseed. Still too much sun, but I still kinda like it.

February 14- cars in flight

We flew in late so I didn't get a chance to upload. I have a photo. I do! It is just on my iPhone which is kaput and I don't know where the charger is packed. Two photos tomorrow!!!

Sorry Petra!!

Here is my photo.
Taken with iPhone. Color fade using Camera+ and Selectve Adjustment for brightness on the Lil Man's face using Snapseed.

February 11 - dinosaur among giants

Taken with iPhone. Edited with Snapseed. Cropped and Vintage Filter 6 used.

February 10 - post-sprinkler warm up

Ok, I am struggling with this theme. I love taking pictures of my family and we are on vacation, but I want to make this work so we ALL continue to feel inspired to pick our cameras up every day and have some sort of focus. Ideas?

Taken with iPhone. Unedited.

February 9 - urchin treasure

Take with Canon 20D. Edited with Snapseed. Brightness added to center of urchin.