August's Theme: Sky & Water

February 3 - pinching the grumpiness out

...or trying anyways.


  1. I love this picture (and the one of the reflection you took earlier)! I have zero ideas for this month's topic but am enjoying your interpretation of it. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thanks Kristina! At the end of the month, I started scanning through different photography sites for ideas... Of which I have completed 0. It got my wheels turning though and I have been intentional about what I am going to shoot, so that's something, right?

  2. Yes, this is definitely a fun photo. Adorable sunglasses, BTW!

    I'm stumped for ideas as well. Hopefully this weekend I'll break out the camera and get shooting. I love, love the theme!

  3. Wow Petra, that is beautiful. I want to be there... Have a great trip!
    Haha Val, so funny. Definitely looks like he is not a happy camper :)


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