August's Theme: Sky & Water

February 29 - quinoa

Perhaps I should have saved this for our upcoming "Q" day!!!


  1. Nice pic:) I pinned a recipe from your board for veggie and quinoa fritters that I want to make for the kids this WE - sound yummy:)

    How will next month work? A different letter assigned to each day? Or just our own loose interpretation of the theme "letters"?

  2. I am going to make those next week. I am on a bit of a quinoa kick thanks to the 10 lbs bag I just purchased. I posted a new recipe on Mental Chew today as well. Quinoa EVERYWHERE!

    The new theme is up to your interpretation. I think Petra is going to look for letters in different things. I am going to take on a letter a day. A first!!

  3. I like to have the loose interpretation, because it gives more chance for creativity. I may deviate on occasion :). Looking forward to seeing what everyone comes up with!


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