August's Theme: Sky & Water

February 10 - post-sprinkler warm up

Ok, I am struggling with this theme. I love taking pictures of my family and we are on vacation, but I want to make this work so we ALL continue to feel inspired to pick our cameras up every day and have some sort of focus. Ideas?

Taken with iPhone. Unedited.


  1. I don't have many ideas either, Val, but am constantly thinking this as I go about the day finding things to capture - "look up, look down, look through, look in, look out". Not much help, nut that's what I'm thinking:)

  2. I find it hard too, but I'm sure I'm going to have even more problems coming up with 31 pictures of faces next month. I was brainstorming some broader themes and thought of these:
    1. Letters (find letter shapes in common objects)
    2. Perspectives
    3. Go green
    4. Simplicity
    5. Abstracts

  3. Great ideas Petra! Should we designate a letter each day? Perhaps we could leave it open to finding the letter or capturing something that started with that letter or whatever else's someone could dream up?

  4. I like the creativity of looking for a letter in every day objects. Not sure if it would become to restrictive if we designate a specific letter each day.

  5. PS. For me, it's not really about the end result - I'm not going to be able to get a good picture every day, but it's made me think and try some new things. My clear green drink bottle was sitting on a wall yesterday, and I noticed that when I looked through it, I could see the mountain just behind us. I tried to photograph it but it didn't really work, but now I'm thinking a lot about it and how I could capture that:)

  6. I think for me it's just a matter of taking the time to get on the computer at the end of the day to post one! I was so good the first month, now I am realizing the reality of doing it for a year... This project is definitely making me think more about my surroundings.

  7. I'm not doing the themed thing that you are, but for me, "Different Point of View" means, put your camera somewhere that your eyes usually aren't..." if that makes any sense. Put your camera on the ground to take a picture of your car or bike or whatever, hold it high overhead looking down to take a picture of the lamp on the end table, put it in the washer (when it's dry and empty of course) and get a view of what it "sees" when you toss a load of laundry in it (probably need self-timer for this one), or in the closet or fridge... (I did one from inside my fridge)... anything other than "eye level same ol' same ol' photography". Most of all... keep it up! You'll end up with treasured photos that you never would have had if not for this challenge! ;-)

    1. This is a great way of thinking - thanks for sharing:)

  8. Petra- I see you are home again. Crazy kayaker. That water has to be incredibly cold. Loved your shot from yesterday too. Favorite items from Netherlands?
    Tonya- love that angle. I wanna kiss that little nose in the shot.

  9. Oops...hit ENTER too soon.
    Melissa- I love that you chose BW for this photo. I found that I focus on expressions more in BW images and isn't that perfect for this scenario!?! Great choice.

  10. Tim- Thank you for the insightful words and inspiring ideas! I think I have had issue because there are some shots I really like that I captured on my camera, but I don't have computer access at the moment, so I am limited to iPhone shots. The sea urchin day and coral shots are with my 20D and I like those a bit more. I was a bit surprised at the color in today's shot and the focus I obtained in tomorrow'. Both are completely unedited.


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