August's Theme: Sky & Water

February 27 - attempts

I know this won't last. As a matter of fact, "This won't last" was the first thing that popped out of my 4 year old's mouth when he saw it. I have to try though and make an attempt at the way I would like it to look, even if it is only temporary.

So...are we all on board for our next theme to be "Letters"? It can be open to your own interpretation. I am all ears.


  1. I love the layout of this book shelf! I also have this picture in my mind of a great reading room for the kids (and me:) where the books are displayed from ceiling to floor in such a way that their covers are visible - really like it:)

    I don't mind what the topic is next month - am just happy to be included:)

  2. That brings back memories! Love children's books!

  3. Where IS that flight going? To the stratosphere...and beyond!


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