August's Theme: Sky & Water

January 22 - glass beads


  1. I love it! I love how the black and white seems to accentuate the shine on the beads - great photo:)

  2. PS. You've been wonderful in sharing (and taking) images each day - it's a great way of recording what catches your eye in a moment each day and would make a wonderful coffee table book at the end of the year! I'd love it:)

  3. Kristina- what a cool looking rock wall. So much texture.

    Val-really can see that shine of those beads, great shot.

  4. Val - What an original subject for b and w.

    Kristina - We hope to go to Maui next year, wonderful pic.

    Melissa - What a classic stance, LOL!

  5. Hi, I came across your site from Mental Chew. I love photography and I've use both SLR's and point & shoot's and always use the automatic settings. Some camera's auto settings take great shots and others need the manual to set ever shot individually which always makes my photos awful.

    Thanks for making this opportunity available, as I certainly could use some help.

    I'm now following you as well on GFC. I write a food blog where you can see my photos, most are not so great but I keep trying.

    Thanks again, & I'll take a photo tomorrow to add to one of your posts.

  6. Welcome Joanne! This is a great group of ladies!

    Kristina- oooooooh the texture. Love. This photo gives me the urge to reach out and feel those rocks.
    Melissa- smooches on that sweet little helper face. My eldest is a fixer, has to fix everything.
    Petra- something seems really different here in comparison to your other shots. I don't know if the contrast gives it a harsher feeling or what. I keep staring at it, trying to figure out why. The lighting is really different or something. Hmmmmmmm, you've got me going!


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