August's Theme: Sky & Water

January 15 - Spud Mission


  1. So funny, is it hanging from the ceiling?

  2. Melissa - I love that you managed a little bokeh effect!
    Petra - The blackjack table looks so crisp. Great graphics for black and white. Are we playing for a new laptop? ;)
    Katie - The trees frame the shot so well. Nice work.
    Jeanine - That bridge shot is amazing! Wonderful contrast and action in the water. Love it.

    My shot seems a little silly now! You poor folks...another picture of my Lil Miss tomorrow.

  3. Melissa - It is hanging from the ceiling. It was left that way at a friend's house by their housesitter. HA!

  4. Val, your photo is precious! I am loving this black and white theme - and so much fun to stick with it for a month!



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