August's Theme: Sky & Water

March 24 - X is for

X shapes...or attempts.


  1. LOL, I like the swimming pool picture! Well done!

  2. For some reason the tile link has not been working for me the past two days, so here are the links:
    W -
    X -

  3. Yes - the 'x-man' is great! Spent the day at the cleveland international film festival (awesome) so my dreams of the railroad crossing sign or perhaps a refreshing dos eckes (XX) beer were dashed! (if nothing else, I'm noticing a definite trend in my shots to right tilted rectangles! Must avoid that... We're almost out of letters!

  4. Connie, that sounds like a blast.
    Petra, I am heading to your page now to check out your shots.

  5. Oh ya, for the final days of the month, I am going to create words with objects. :)

  6. I was wondering, I'm just going on with letters. Everything works again, now.


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