August's Theme: Sky & Water

March 10 - J is for Jam

My 4 year old has taken over. Now he is asking me, "Mom, what are you going to do for J? I think we should do the freezer." Ok. It beats his first suggestion which would have taken us to the African Savannah. Here is my post from when I made it. I like the pics :)

R stands for raspberry. All of the rest are strawberry.


  1. Sorry, I accidentally hit "Post" instead of "Save". It is up a little early!!

  2. I love this photo - it honestly makes me want to make my own jam. I love that somewhere deep in your house you have a stock of homemade supplies (like in the books I read as a kid - maybe Little House on the Prairie? - where their cellars were full of vegetables grown and picked in the summer, and meat hung and salted etc. Someone has put so much effort and love into making sure everyone else has plenty to eat later on... this picture brings back all of that. I love it! And I love that one special jar is completely in focus, like it's going to be chosen first:)

    1. You should make your own jam. It is o easy and C is proud of every jar.

  3. so.... yummy! I'd jump for joy at jam! :)


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