August's Theme: Sky & Water

March 20 - T is for Trick

This is from last week, but I have been waiting for a place to post it. I was walking downstairs and thought our garden bed was on fire! After a moment, I realized it was the reflection our wood stove fire on the window. Yes, this was before I had a cup of coffee!




  1. First off - that would have totally freaked me out! Thinking that the ground was on fire would be VERY unsettling!

    Okay - so I know that each of us has our own plan for this project and such as it should be - but are we "allowed" to count a picture that we didn't take that day?! (I'm kind of being silly - but I really am curious as to how others handle this... I am a bit conflicted as to how to make the rules for myself!)

  2. That really does look like it's on fire! Freaky!

    Connie - it's really your own rules. I try to take the picture that day and have succeeded so far, but I could see having a really busy day or something and using one from the archives, like Val did.


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